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YJ Link Opened Cafeteria

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YJ LINK opened a cafeteria for employee welfare.

‘YJ Link Cafeteria’ is designed to help employees purify their minds and bodies by placing plants and trees on tables and ceilings.
The cafeteria has various types of tables set up to accommodate a large number of people.

At YJ Link Cafeteria, you can choose from a coffee menu such as Americano, Café Latte, Cappuccino, and Café Mocha,
as well as a variety of drinks such as Ade, Ice Chocolate, and Iced Tea for free.


In addition, the cafeteria’s ‘massage room’ allows employees to relax comfortably on massage chairs.

YJ Link held a cafeteria opening ceremony on the 12th and celebrated the opening together.

YJ Link will continue to work harder on employee welfare.