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ESG Management

Environmental Management Action Plan

YJ Link is committed to driving forward eco-friendly initiatives, aiming to strengthen our existing environment management practices even further.

Initiative/Project Promoting Strategy Action Plan Remarks
1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter
Strengthening of environmental management system
(Certification management)
- Establishing and strengthening ISO 14001:2015 (Maintenance and management)​
- Reviewing compliance with environmental regulations and revisions​
- Setting and managing environmental objectives for each department
Eco-friendly campaign - Minimizing disposable item usage and encouraging the adoption of reusable containers (cups)​​
- Energy saving campaign ​​
- Strict implementation of recycling and promoting waste reduction in daily life
Waste reduction initiatives - Using recyclable pallets for sustainability ​​
- Reducing defect rates for all products in every production process
Investment in renewable energy - Installing solar power generating system (100kW)
Greenhouse gas (carbon emission) reduction efforts - Maintaining optimal indoor temperature at the workplace ​​
- Encouraging public transportation for commuting and promoting the adopting eco-friendly company vehicles ​​
- Centralized control system for cooling and heating (Monitoring) ​​
- Promoting the development of environment friendly equipment and products production activities
Environmental education
(Enhancing employee awareness of environmental management)
- Real-time sharing of key environment issues