ESG Management

The board of directors of YJ Link is responsible for making key management decisions for the company and protecting the interests of the company and its shareholders by overseeing the management team and directors.

Composition of the board of directors​

Board of Directors
Internal director(4)
External director(3)
Name Sex Group Remakrs
Park Soonil M Internal director (Chairperson of the Board of Directors)
Lee Sung Gyun M Internal director
Kim Dong Hyun M Internal director
Kim Sung Yeon M Internal director
Park Kyung Chan M External director Lawyer
(Park Kyung-chan Law Office)
Lee Chi Gyu M External director Accountant
(Hanrim accounting firm)
Lee Ho M External director Professorv
(Robotic and smart-system in Kyungpook university )
Board of Directors
Internal director(4)
External director(3)

Committee within the board of directors

Internal trading committee
- Transactions involving related parties are reviewed in advance to prevent improper relationships under corporate governance and antitrust laws, and require pre-approval by the board of directors for compliance.
Audit committee
- Conducting audits of the company's operations and accounting
- Call an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders, require reporting of operations of a subsidiary, or convene a board of directors.
Compensation committee
- Deliberate and vote on resolutions
- Report to the board of directors, having made compensation in serious violation of laws or regulations
ESG committee
- Deliberate on major ESG-related management issues and advise on business plans
​- Engagement and communication support activities for external stakeholders.