ESG Management

Environmental management data

In light of the recent strengthening of regulations on greenhouse gas and the rapid climate change, YJ Link is taking proactive steps. We have successfully completed the replacement to LED lighting throughout our factory premises to promote energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. We are currently in progress with plans to install solar power generation facilities. Additionally, we have implemented real-time monitoring of air conditioning and heating power consumption for effective control and management. To further enhance our efforts, we have activated an energy-saving campaign that actively involves all employees.​

Starting from 2022, we are dedicated to the systematic management of data relating to both direct and indirect energy consumption, as well as emission levels. This will enable us to identify and analyze key factors contributing to energy consumption and emissions in a structured manner. Once our management system becomes firmly established, we are planning to coordinate with our overseas corporations to integrate data for comprehensive management.​

Energy Consumption

Category Unit 2021 2022
Electricity Usage GJ 3,386.5 3,099.1
Diesel and Gasoline GJ 301.45 355.88
Total GJ 3,687.95 3,454.98

Indirect Greenhouse Gas Emissions(Scope2)

Category Unit 2021 2022
Factory 1 tCO2-eq 235.7 206.6
Factory 2 tCO2-eq 210.9 202.1
Total tCO2-eq 446.6 408.7

Water Management (Water Usage)

Category Unit 2021 2022
Factory 1 ton 1,184 1,269
Factory 2 ton 625 555
Total Usage ton 1,809 1,824

Other Indirect Greenhouse Gas Emissions(Scope3)

Category Unit 2021 2022
Gasoline tCO2-eq 14.3 16.8
Diesel tCO2-eq 6.0 7.1
Total tCO2-eq 20.3 23.9