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SMT in line system lay-out

Customize your SMT line with YJ Link's products.

Smart Conveyor System

The MICOM system enables Smart Conveyor System and Smart SMT Line.

YJ Link's line of non-CE board handling equipment consists of Loader/Unloaders, Buffers, Link/Work and the Conveyor series.
Follows a drawn magnetic line to carry magazine racks in an SMT line.
Accessories for an optimized SMT line.

SMT(Surface-mount technology)

Surface-mount technology(SMT) is a method in which the electrical components are mounted and soldered directly onto the surface of a printed circuit board(PCB).

Procedure of surface-mount technology(SMT)

표면 실장형 부품

  1. Loading: Putting in PCBs into the procedure.
  2. Applying Solder Paste: To mount the components, solder paste is applied onto the surface of a PCB.
  3. Solder Paste Inspection: Checking whether the paste is applied correctly.
  4. Mounting: Mounting the components onto the surface of a PCB.
  5. Soldering: Soldering the said mounted components on a PCB.
  6. Soldering Inspection: Checking whether soldering is done correctly.
  7. Manual Inspection: A personnel inspects the PCB manually.
  8. Unloading: Unloading the finished products from the procedure.