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Surface-mount technology(SMT) is a method in which the electrical components are mounted and soldered directly onto the surface of a printed circuit board(PCB).

PCBA(Printed Circuit Board Assembly) refers to a fully assembled PCB, using the surface-mount technology.

In a production line, a PCB goes through the following procedure to be assembled as a PCBA표면 실장형 부품

  1. Loading: Putting in PCBs into the procedure.
  2. Applying Solder Paste: To mount the components, solder paste is applied onto the surface of a PCB.
  3. Solder Paste Inspection: Checking whether the paste is applied correctly.
  4. Mounting: Mounting the components onto the surface of a PCB.
  5. Soldering: Soldering the said mounted components on a PCB.
  6. Soldering Inspection: Checking whether soldering is done correctly.
  7. Manual Inspection: A personnel inspects the PCB manually.
  8. Unloading: Unloading the finished products from the procedure.

YJ Link produces equipment for the SMT procedure, and enables Smart SMT Line and Smart Conveyor System with the company’s exclusive MICOM system.

SMT in line system lay-out

Customize your SMT line with YJ Link's products.

Smart Conveyor System

The MICOM system enables Smart Conveyor System and Smart SMT Line.

YJ Link's line of non-CE board handling equipment consists of Loader/Unloaders, Buffers, Link/Work and the Conveyor series.
Follows a drawn magnetic line to carry magazine racks in an SMT line.
Accessories for an optimized SMT line.