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YJ Link received Daegu Mayor’s Award

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“The world’s major companies that make parts for electric vehicles only use products produced by companies registered with them. Depending on the major companies, the registration cycle is set at 5years, 3years, or 2 years, but it is difficult to register with them without steady research and development due to strict screening. I think the reason why our company has been able to grow so far is because we put in our efforts to continuous research and development.”

YJ Link received the Daegu Mayor’s Award (Gold Prize) at the ‘9th Daegu-Gyeongbuk Small and Medium Venture Business Festival’. YJ Link, located in Dalseong-gun, Daegu, is a promising medium-sized company in the industry of transportation equipment and machine material parts.

Managing director of YJ Link, ‘Ik-jun Yoon’ said, “Our main customers are companies that make parts for electric vehicles. As production of electric vehicle has recently been activated, a lot of investment has been coming in from the year before last. and because if is field that needs continuous research and development support, we are keep focusing on technology development” he said.

YJ Link’s sales increased from about 35 billion won in 2019 to about 47 billion won last year. 95% of its annual sales come from overseas markets, so it is evaluated as an export-specialized company. Previously, YJ Link was recognized for its potential as a company that will lead Daegu for the next 50 years to the extent that it was selected as a Daegu star company and a local innovation leading company.

Managing director Yoon said, “YJ Link plans to challenge the semiconductor field in the future.” “We are currently preparing for the manufacturing and equipment business that goes into the semiconductor post-process,” he said.