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YJ Link·DGB signed ESG management support business agreement

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YJ Link and DGB Financial Group signed a business agreement for introduction of ESG management and spreading ESG management to local communities.

Under this agreement, DGB Financial Group will systematically diagnose YJ Link’s ESG capabilities and derive practical tasks for improvement based on the results.

In addition, as a follow-up measure, DGB Financial Group plans to provide customized consulting services and active support. Along with this, the two companies decided to devise measures to spread corporate ESG management in Daegu.


DGB Financial Group is taking the lead in supporting ESG management, such as education, diagnosis, and consulting, for local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that urgently need to respond to ESG management, considering the global trend of increasing demand for ESG management.

An official from DGB Financial Group said, “This agreement will serve as an opportunity to spread ESG management to the local community by strengthening the ESG competitiveness of YJ Link, a major manufacturing company in the Daegu.”