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YJ Link Selected as Employee-friendly Company

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Three companies, Hwaseong Industrial Co., Ltd., Hyundai Corporation Co., Ltd., and YJ Link Co., Ltd., were newly selected as the best employment-friendly companies to work for in Daegu. As a result, a total of 37 companies were designated as employment-friendly companies in Daegu this year, including 34 recertification companies (average starting salary for college graduates of these companies is 38.52 million won).

Employment-friendly companies are companies with the highest wages and excellent worker welfare systems in Daegu.
Daegu City held the ‘2023 Employment-Friendly Company Certificate Award Ceremony’ on the 21st.

The three new employment-friendly companies broke through the competition rate of 10 to 1. The average sales of these companies last year was 248.5 billion won, and the average number of workers was 200. The average employment growth rate over the past two years is 19%, and the average starting salary for college graduates is 37.38 million won. On average, 21 types of welfare systems exceeding legal standards are in operation.

If selected as an employment-friendly company, it will receive support for employee welfare systems and rest facility expansion costs (17 million won per company). Public transportation advertisements and corporate promotional video production can also be supported.