Industry 4.0

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Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0


YJ LINK has developed MICOM(Embedded System) based on microcontroller and applied it to PCB handling equipment, and YJ’s facilities equipped with MICOM can build Smart SMT Line as Smart Conveyor System. This is a solution that enables an enterprise-wide integrated management and automated production line.

The YJ equipment constituting the smart SMT line is connected to the line control PC(A separate computer for central control of the YJ facilities) through LAN communication. The customer transfers the PCB information to each YJ facility through the line control PC, so that the operator can change the width easily. In addition, it is attracting attention as a next-generation SMT solution that improves the productivity and competitiveness of customers by enabling real-time monitoring of facility status.
*Laser markers communicate separately through client’s server.

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Industry 4.0


1) Automatic width adjustment When applying the data of the production model, each transport device of YJ carries out automatic width control.
2) Real-time status monitoring Real-time monitoring possible with PC, Laptop, Mobile Device access through URL
*Web server only provides monitoring function.
3) Maintenance Alarm Function If the maintenance period is set to a certain cycle for each equipment, an alarm will ring.
4) ‘LogFile’ Creation Production history management and infinite data processing
5) Set access permisiions The user can edit accessibility to the system


  • 1. Interface between the Line Control PC and Customer’s server

    - The Customer SERVER reads the result value of each transport device of YJ’s stored in Line Control PC.

  • 2. In case of NG Buffer or Unloader, it is possible to trace the board of a specific slot during production              

    - Serial # required, the factory’s main server has to be connected

  • 3. Conveyor speed can be set by model              

    - The machine must be equipped with an electronic speed control controller in advance.

    Ex) Cooling Link in front of/ at rear of reflow oven

Industry 4.0


A. All equipment of YJ’s simultaneous width adjustment _ Applied in ‘C’ company

The width of all YJ equipment is 120(W)mm (A model)
  • - Automatic width control type for next B model production after completion of the work on the model A (After ejecting the magazine rack from the unloader)

B. YJ equipment sequential width control by production model (Cascade) _ Applied in ‘M’ Company

Mounter Previous YJ Device width is ‘B’ Model
Mounter Next YJ Device width is ‘A’ Model
  • - When new B model is inserted during A model production, automatic width control is performed sequentially each time new B model enters
  • - This is the general recommendation since the model change time is shortened

C. Installation of scanning conveyor for product tracking in case of A and B _ Applied in ‘F’ Company

  • - It is possible to produce more than two kinds of model by auto width adjustment by scanning those models.
  • - It is necessary to mount the scanning conveyor at the location where you want to trace the models. The more the number of scanning conveyors, the more accurate the position tracking is possible.

D. Simultaneous production of complex lines _ Applied in ‘F’ Company

  • - Simultaneous production of multiple products due to production line branching in multiple lines.
  • - Simultaneous/Sequential width adjustment


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