Inkjet Marking Machine

The Inkjet Marker prints barcodes, logos, text and QR codes without doing any phsiycal and chemical damage to the surface of the PCB.
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The inkjet marker prints 1D/2D barcodes, logos, characters, QR codes, etc. without doing any physical and chemical damage to the surface of the PCB or product. This helps save process time and costs, increasing the production capacity of factories.

  • Head : Domino Ax350i
  • Small character marking use
  • Printing speed : Max. 7.2m/s
  • Printing height : 5.0mm
  • Single-side marking
  • Fiducial recognition
  • Scanner

  • Width synchronization
  • ESD powder coating (RAL 7035)
  • MES


Inkjet Marking Machine feature
X, Y-axes Head Moving

Marking Sample

inkjet marking machine marking sample
Common Standard Specification
Items Contents
System Movement
  • Single-side marking
Fiducial Recognition
  • Position compensation up to £0.1mm by recognizing Fiducial before marking
  • Camera brand : HIKVISION
Inkjet Marking Machine Scanner
  • Barcode Reading
    >> COGNEX DM60X
Saving data in a log file
Adopted internal motion controller (Industrial LAN Interface)