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The Star Company Top Staff Award

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Writer YJ LINK Hit 8,089EA Date 16-11-17 15:46


Winner of the Star Company Top Staff Award


On October 6, at AW Hotel, "the 2016 Star Company staff, a PM (Project Manager) workshop" were held.


Jin-Ryeol, Kim, Manager of YJ Link’s TF (Task Force) Team, received the Top Staff award for October 2016, for his dedication to the Star Company Project during a three-year period after YJ Link was selected as a Star Company in 2014, and for his collaboration with the Star Company Bureau of Daegu Techno Park.PM Gyeong-Ho Kim, of Daegu Machine and Materials Institute, received an award as a top PM for his cooperation with the star company YJ Link.


I was honored to receive this award, thanks to the CEO for his leadership, all of our employees, and Manager Myeong-Hun Kim, who worked hard with me day and night. I am receiving this not for myself, but on behalf of all YJ Link’s members. This award means that I should work even harder and I will contribute to the further growth of YJ Link.” /Manager Jin-Ryeol, Kim



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