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Shuttle Unloader

Located at the final stage of SMT line, this unit consists of a coupling of a single shuttle and a rack part and stacks PCBs in an empty magazine rack using a pneumatic pusher mounted on the single shuttle one by one. It supplies magazine racks directly to the open rack part and the inside of the rack part is designed to accommodate racks of various sizes.


  • Touch screen (Operating panel)
  • Tower lamp
  • Manual width adjustment
  • SMEMA interface
  • Controlled by PLC
  • Pitch selectability (1~4 pitch)
  • Magazine rack 50 slots
  • Jam detection (Pneumatic)
  • 2 magazine racks capacity


  • Digital speed controller (0~200mm/sec)
  • Auto width adjustment
  • Double sensors
  • ESD powder coating
  • Jam detection (Electric-torque)
  • Mechanism for AGV linkage


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