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Buffer - 3D Visual Inspection

It offers real-time video using a 360-degree camera that moves to the location based on data interworking with inspector.


  • Rack + Conveyor structure
  • 10PCB's storage (±35mm/70pitch)
  • Separately driven buffer conveyors
  • By pass / NG stocking(Good / NG Portion in buffer adjustable)
  • Up/down-2layers structure in conveyor part
  • Manual width adjustment
  • Full Safety cover
  • LED tower light (with Buzzer)
  • Touch screen (1ea)
  • Emergency switch (each 1ea at front/rear)
  • SMEMA cable (1ea)
  • Double plate structure
  • CE Certified


  • 15PCB’s stacked available (±25mm/50pitch)
  • 20PCB’s stacked available (±17mm/34pitch)
  • Sensors in rack
  • Auto width adjustment
  • RS-485Communication
  • Speed controller in Aux. conveyor
  • ESD powder coat


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