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Buffer-combination type

It is a combination of Magazine Buffer and Shuttle. It is located in the middle of the line, allowing the NG PCB to be discharged from the line and the GOOD PCB to be transported to the rear end.


  • LED tower light (with Buzzer)
  • Touch screen (OP panel)
  • Controlled by PLC
  • SMEMA Interface
  • PCB exit guide
  • Magazine rack 50slots
  • Descent speed of lifter part (38sec)
  • Double plate structure
  • Pitch selectable
  • Loader / Unloader / NG stacked / FIFO&LIFO / By pass mode selectable


  • Speed controller in Aux. conveyor
  • PCB damage prevention(JAM detect function)
  • Electrical pusher with JAM detect function
  • Ascent speed of lifter part (19sec)
  • Auto width adjustment
  • Multi rack capacity
  • RS-485 Communication
  • ESD powder coating


 [General specification for Magazine Buffer]



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