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[Notice] Product Discontinuance Notification

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Writer YJ LINK Hit 399EA Date 21-03-22 14:25


Product Discontinuance Notification


March 21, 2021



Dear Valued Customer,

This letter serves as notification YJ Link Co., Ltd has decided to discontinue the manufacturing of A-series product lines.


A-series will be replaced by Y-series with improvements, and you may find details below. You may obtain any further details from your sales contact.


Our intent is to support these products for a limited time in order to avoid any unexpected impact to all our customers, therefore we will offer grace period to buy A-series products before the complete replacement.


With this notification, YJ Link stops receiving orders for the following products from June 1, 2021





Linda Cho (Head of Marketing)



Product Discontinuance Notification (장비 단종 안내)_페이지_2.png


 ▼▼▼  * Please check the attached file.  



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